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10 Strategies for Enhancing Resilience and Happiness

Over the last few of years I've been noticing an increase in patient's anxiety, discontent, depression and unease. This often leads to physical ailments such as chronic pain, insomnia, digestive discomfort, challenged fertility and fatigue. Doing some research I stumbled upon a seminar I'd taken a few years back by Joseph W. Shannon, Ph.D, Licensed Psychologist. He pointed out 10 strategies for enhancing our resilience and happiness. Implementing these into our daily lives can actually help stop and reverse many of our symptoms.

1. Settle in the right neighborhood/community for you. The first key to finding contentment is to have a foundation that feels comfortable and cozy to you. The place you live provides a sense of overall happiness.

2. Stop spending and start saving. This doesn't mean to stop doing what you enjoy but be sure to live within or under your means. Debt can really wear on your health and well-being.

3. Prioritize sleep. In our world that's inundated with so much to do and so much information it's easy to neglect this important part of our day. Get to sleep early and wake up early to be productive during the morning hours. This will allow your body to feel more at peace during the evening.

4. Reduce TV time to less than 1 hour a day. In many ways, TV is designed to make you think you need something you don't have. This leaves you with a sense of unmet desires.

5. Get a daily dose of friends! Spending time with people you enjoy can help buffer the stress and boost your immune system. Studies have shown that social time is essential for your well-being as well as benefits cardiovascular health, immunity, chronic pain and high blood pressure.

6. Develop and nurture a spiritual base. Just 15 minutes a day of meditation reduces cardiovascular risk, lowers cortisol and raises the immunity.

7. Adopt a pet! Living with pets lowers blood pressure, raises serotonin and dopamine, can help you stay more physically active and happier in general.

8. Create a sanctuary at home. Surround yourself with physical objects that remind you of things that bring you happiness and calm.

9. Give to others unselfishly and be kind. Seemingly simple acts of kindness and generosity can actually raise seratonin levels.

10. Find something to laugh at daily! Laughing has been shown to lower stress hormones, raise endorphins and enhance the immune system.

If you continue to feel out of balance or just not like yourself, Chinese Medicine can be a great adjunct to your healing. Using a variety of different modalities we can help bring your body back to a state of health, happiness and well-being. Call today to find out more!

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