Grand Re-Opening!

I’m so excited to share that I will be opening back up on Monday, July 13th!

This is not a decision I have taken lightly as it was most important for me to find a new location that was clean, comfortable, safe and sanitary. I read each of your survey answers and private emails so took all the information into account when looking for the perfect office to see you in.

My new office will be located in The Healing Collective in Manhattan Beach, CA. There’s plenty of free parking in the lot, which is just a short walk to the front of the office. The entrance opens to the outside so no elevators or indoor hallways to go through. The location is easy to get to and very welcoming and tranquil. I’ve implemented new policies and procedures to ensure your health and safety. Please read below to see collectively, what we’ll be doing to create a clean, sanitary and safe place for your next treatment.

*New air filter in the treatment room – I’ve researched many options to find the most comprehensive model that is capable of clearing the air of pollution, chemicals, dust, bacteria and viruses.

*The entire center will be sanitized daily and my office will be thoroughly sanitized every morning and evening and in between each patient. I therefore will allow 15 minutes between appointments to sanitize and air out the room.

*I’ll be using my massage table but have replaced the sheets with a sanitary table cover. I’ll be using fresh paper sheets on top of that. This allows me to thoroughly clean the table between each treatment.

*Each patient, client and practitioner throughout the center will be required to wear a mask.

*My hands will be cleaned and sanitized, before your appointment and I’ll be wearing vinyl or nitrile gloves during your treatment.

*Each patient will be scheduled for exactly 60 minutes. If you’re late to your appointment your time will be reduced to allow for the 15 minute window before the next patient. (So keep this in mind when scheduling your session, to allow plenty of time to arrive.)

*If you schedule online, you’ll be sent a confirmation with a link to pay for your session. This will be necessary to hold you desired time. If you schedule with me either through email or over the phone, I’ll email you an invoice as all appointments will need to be paid for before our session.

*If you have viral and or allergy symptoms, I’ll ask that you cancel your appointment and I’ll waive the 24-hour cancellation fee. You’ll then need to quarantine for 2 weeks and/or take a Covid-19 test before scheduling your next appointment.

*You’ll be emailed a checklist the day before your appointment as well as a waiver before your first appointment back, to be filled out and signed. Please either fill this out online or print it to bring back to our appointment. If you don’t have the option of either, forms will be provided for you.

*Please take your temperature the day before your appointment and report back. I’ll also be taking temperatures outside the office, when you arrive using a non-touch forehead thermometer. You’ll then be guided to a station to sanitize your hands.

*Please arrive at the exact time of your appointment. Early arrivals will need to either wait outside or in your car. If you’re more comfortable you’re free to text me from your car before entering. Please don’t bring other people with you as they will need to wait in the car.

*You have the option of scheduling a telehealth consult/intake before our appointment, to limit exposure time if you’d prefer.

*I’ll be creating herbal formulas in my home office or ordering them through my herbal distributor. So, if you’ll need herbs during your session, we can either schedule a free 10 minute telehealth session the day before our appointment, or I can prepare them after our appointment and have them available at a later date.

*If you’re just needing an herbal adjustment or refill (rather than an acupuncture session) please schedule a 20 minute herbal telehealth session. Please note that I will no longer be refilling herbal prescriptions without a consultation beforehand.

My new schedule is as follows:

In-Office Sessions:

Monday & Wednesday

9:30am – 1:00pm

3:00pm – 7:45pm

Telehealth Virtual Sessions


10:00am – 6:00pm


10am – 3:00pm

Housecall Sessions & IVF Clinic Treatments

*Please inquire for more information

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