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"I cannot say enough about how incredible Beth is... She is based in Pasadena and specializes in women's health including menstrual irregularity, hormonal imbalance, infertility, menopause as well as depression and anxiety. Having found her after going into early labor and losing twins, Beth helped my body get rebalanced - both physically and emotionally. She then worked with me during my first IVF procedure, successful pregnancy and postpartum, and is again helping me through another IVF cycle... I trust her wholeheartedly. Her approach is extremely gentle and her skill and knowledge amaze me!" 

- Kristin H.



"I moved to California from Belgium in 1994 and tried many different acupuncturists.  In 2005, undergoing Chemo for a stage three breast cancer, I was lucky to meet Beth Theodore.  I see her regularly ever since.  She gives me the attention and quality of a first visit EVERY TIME I go see her. She is fully present to what goes on for me.  She has helped me over the years with chemo and radiation then a long path back to health.  She helps me with emotional, spiritual and physical pain. The last six years I saw her every month or every week, depending on my needs.

She will check your body with you to find the best point that will help you the most.  No quick routine with her, each session I receive a real true contact.   I recommend her 100%.

She is one of my best kept secret."

- Regine V. 


"I found Beth on Google and I discovered a hidden treasure. I made an appointment because of hot flashes brought on by recent chemotherapy treatments. I was flashing more than a  hazard light on a construction site. Immediately after my first session, I noticed a stark difference. Plus, the herbs she specifically designed for me were a God-send. I took them as she described, exactly three times a day. Within six weeks, my body was alleviated and I was able to sleep and  function throughout my work day.

I highly recommend Beth for her professionalism, acute understanding of the female reproductive system and her thoroughness in evaluating a clients symptoms."

- M.C.



"I just want to let you know that I found the treatment last night very helpful.  I felt happier and more relaxed and more like myself.  I was able to actually feel life a little more."

      - L.P.



"Thank you for yet another wonderful session today.   

Today's therapy seemed to rearrange the chaotic energy surrounding and within me in a much more positive and calm way.  Thank you very much."

- Mark R.



"I have been seeing Beth on and off for various conditions for the last several years. Not only is she a professional in every sense of the word, she has a genuine concern and care about her patients, and a sweet, kind nature and disposition. Her treatments are healing and helpful and I always leave feeling less stressed and more relaxed. I highly recommend her for anyone contemplating acupuncture, especially first timers as she's very gentle and takes the anxiety out of the process. I know she's particularly helpful for infertility and female issues, as well as emotional work. Truly a gem."

- Isabel P.



"I just wanted to say thank you for the great session. I feel so much better already."

- Patricia M.



"After Monday's treatment my feet felt sooo much better.  The acupuncture really helped both my feet & back! Thank you!  I will for sure come back for more treatments as they always alleviate my symptoms & you are always so professional & caring!"

- L.G.

Thank you for all you've done for me.  Whatever ache or pain I bring to the table is easily alleviated by your treatments.  Thank you for making my body feel good time and time again!

- J.T.

That session was so powerful. I feel so much lighter! I am so committed to get this off my heart." 

- I.G.

"Thanks for all of your help throughout my pregnancy I couldn't have done it without you!"

- A.D.

"You are amazing and your treatments have been life changing for me. Not only have you been able to help me physically but have done emotional wonders for my soul. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"                  - A.G.

" I just want to say how wonderful your workshop was yesterday and I so enjoyed seeing you! Bernadette was incredible too. I felt so refreshed and rejuvinated afterward. I realize how much I need to come back to acupuncture and reiki. Thanks again!"                                                                                                                       - Sarah C.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    


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