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Embracing the Energy of Spring

Spring is just around the corner and we're already seeing flowers blooming, warmer weather and longer days. I love this time of year because everything seems to come back to life. The exciting thing about spring is it brings a feeling of inspiration. With that inspiration we may feel more energized to do what what we really want to do! In Chinese Medicine spring is associated with the wood element. As in nature, it's the time of year to plant the seeds for future harvest. The wood element is all about making decisions, setting goals, preparing and implementing your plans for the coming year. Below are some ideas to enhance your energy for spring.

Get outside

Whether it's going to the beach, hiking in the mountains or taking a morning walk, get outside and connect with nature. Research has shown that even a 10 minute brisk walk pumps enough oxygen through your body to feel more energized than eating a bar of chocolate!

Eat fresh spring foods

Some of the best fresh fruits and vegetables are in season during spring. Foods like strawberries, rhubarb, asparagus, artichokes and oranges are super tasty and excellent for your immune sytem. When you're feeling heathy you have more energy to do the things you want.

Surround yourself with plants

Plants improve energy by absorbing carbon dioxide and other environmental toxins that cause fatigue. In Chinese Medicine, plants are associated with the wood element, which is related to the liver and gall bladder. When out of balance these two organs often lead to feelings of anger, frustration and stress. Keeping plants in your home and place of work can help balance the wood energy helping you feel more relaxed, calm and peaceful.


There are a variety of essential oils that can create a happier and more positive state of mind. Oils such as lemon, orange, lavender and geranium are beneficial. You can either apply them to the skin with a carrier oil such as almond oil or diffuse them with an oil diffuser or nebulizer.

Taking a holistic approach to your lifestyle can create more health, peace and happiness. For any questions or comments feel free to respond below or email me at:

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