Leap of Faith

Just this week we experienced the spring equinox, full moon and lunar eclipse. We are being encouraged to face our life and decide if it's really working for us. The lunar eclipse is thought to bring the energy of change. Not just any change but a deep life change. Have you found yourself recently being faced with circumstances forcing you to make a change? Do you feel comfortable taking that leap? Or do you feel confused as what the next step is or perhaps fearful of making the change? In Chinese Medicine, the idea of being stuck is seen as dampness, which negatively affects the spleen. The spleen energy is responsible for digestion, energy and transformation. If you're finding that

Embracing the Energy of Spring

Spring is just around the corner and we're already seeing flowers blooming, warmer weather and longer days. I love this time of year because everything seems to come back to life. The exciting thing about spring is it brings a feeling of inspiration. With that inspiration we may feel more energized to do what what we really want to do! In Chinese Medicine spring is associated with the wood element. As in nature, it's the time of year to plant the seeds for future harvest. The wood element is all about making decisions, setting goals, preparing and implementing your plans for the coming year. Below are some ideas to enhance your energy for spring. Get outside Whether it's going to the

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