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Castor Oil Pack to Relieve Pain & Inflammation

Lately you may have been hearing a lot about castor oil packs in the media and you might be curious to learn more about them and their benefits. I've been recommending them for years in my practice, mainly for menstrual irregularities such as fibroids, cysts, pain and/or cramping. But they can also be beneficial for improved digestion, detoxification, pain relief and immune boosting.

They benefit the body by helping to heal body tissues and organs, easing pain & discomfort, detoxifying, relieving inflammation, improving circulation and lymphatic drainage.

Making your own Castor Oil Pack

What you'll need:

  • organic castor oil

  • organic wool, an old t-shirt or flannel

  • hot water bottle or heating pad

  • towel

  • plastic freezer bag

How to create and use:

  1. Fold the piece of fabric into 3x3, 4x4 or 5x5 (inches).

  2. Begin with soaking the fabric (wool, old flannel or t-shirt) with castor oil. Just enough to have the entire piece of material covered in the oil, but not dripping.

  3. Lay down on your couch or bed and place the castor oil soaked material on the area of your body, where you're most needing the benefit, or as recommended by your practitioner.(ie - area of pain or injury, lower abdomen for menstrual pain, upper abdomen for digestive issues or over the liver area for detoxification).

  4. Cover the material with the freezer bag turned inside out (to make it easier to seal the cloth back into it afterwards)

  5. Lay a towel over the plastic bag

  6. Place a hot water bottle or heating pad over the towel

  7. (Optional to cover your body with a blanket)

  8. Lay in this position for 60-75 minutes

  9. Afterwards, remove all items and seal the castor soaked material into the freezer bag

  10. Refrigerate for 1-14 days

  11. Repeat 2-7 days a week as needed; you may need to add more castor oil to the material each time

  12. Castor oil is very sticky so be very careful as it could stain material and/or furniture

Here are the links to purchase any of the supplies discussed (if needed):


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