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Leap of Faith

Just this week we experienced the spring equinox, full moon and lunar eclipse. We are being encouraged to face our life and decide if it's really working for us. The lunar eclipse is thought to bring the energy of change. Not just any change but a deep life change. Have you found yourself recently being faced with circumstances forcing you to make a change? Do you feel comfortable taking that leap? Or do you feel confused as what the next step is or perhaps fearful of making the change?

In Chinese Medicine, the idea of being stuck is seen as dampness, which negatively affects the spleen. The spleen energy is responsible for digestion, energy and transformation. If you're finding that you feel a heaviness after eating, perhaps bloating or fatigue you may ask yourself if there's something in your life you're not digesting. If you're craving more "comfort foods" perhaps you're keeping yourself stuck in a place that feels safe even if it's not rewarding.

Living a life that feels right in your soul gives you energy, makes you feel excited and joyful. Even if you find yourself busy you still feel happy and energized. However, if you're not feeling this way I invite you to take that leap of faith. Whether it's working towards that job you want, going back to school, moving to a new city or starting on a path of healthy eating it's worth it to move towards creating the life that brings you joy, satisfaction and fulfillment. You'll feel increased energy, your digestion will improve, your immune system will work more efficiently and you'll find that overall you feel healthier.

If you're unsure of how to take the first step, begin by deciding each day to listen to your intuition, or your "gut" or whatever guidance feels right to you. Move your body more. This is a great way to get your life force or "qi" moving through you. Make smarter food choices. Spring offers such a variety of fresh foods that the possibilities are endless. Lastly, incorporate some time each day for reflection or meditation. This allows you to really hear what you need then inspire you to make that leap.

For any questions or comments feel free to email me here or give me a call. Be sure to check out our website for upcoming workshops and meditations!

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